Web3 Influencers

10/26/2022 18:56

You might love them…or you might hate them, but the fact remains that influencers are an essential part of marketing these days. Or, even just existing online. So, you might as well understand the Web3 influencer landscape.

WTF are Web3 Influencers?

Well, they're a little different from traditional influencers. (This is probably a good thing, trust me.) To quickly and in broad terms break down the differences:

Now that we have a baseline understanding of Web3 influencers…and everyone's on the same page about the…shall we say, decentralization…or that there's no standard list or marketplace of influencer services in Web3, let's dive into how to actually go about soliciting their services.

How to Reach Out

Obviously, the first step is to find them. This is a bit on you, as you'll need to identify an influencer with the right audience…and ideally price range…for you.

But, say you've found your ideal match, and want to see if they'll work with you. Here are some tips!

  • Slide into those DMs! But remember to be human, honest, relatable…and key across many cold calls, offer them something first. Why should they want to start a conversation?
  • Once you work with one, the rest get easier. Referrals work quite well in the Web3 influencer scape.
  • Use your own face or the official company account, provided it has a strong following.
  • Find them at an event or conference and strike up a convo face-to-face.
  • Get an introduction through a company already working with them if you have a connection.
  • Check to see if they have a preferred contact method, like a linktree or personal website, listed in their bio.

And, one last note, influencers, whether Web2 or Web3, can offer their services for a pretty penny. While reaching out to one whose values align with your project can stack them in your favor, never assume that anyone works for free. And, keep in mind that Web3 is largely unregulated — weather through official regulations or just set and unspoken standards. Prices in Web3 vary wildly…and the upper end is unrealistic for most.

Getting the Most from Your Message

Influencers can help amplify your message. And, in Web3, picking the right influencer can help get that message to the right ears…not just any that will listen.

2021 brought some important notes about influencer marketing, but this was largely related to traditional influencers hyping projects…and coins…they honestly had no business hyping.

Making sure the influencer you want to work with is respected for their opinion and has a good reputation as the minimum. But, you can do more than this as well. If you invest the time to find an influencer whose followers align with the goals of your project, and who is pushing forward Web3 in a way that aligns with your own project — and might become integral contributors to the direction of your project.

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