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10/27/2022 15:20

The Creator Economy is fast growing. Because, our current Internet runs on creators — just think that Content Creator is now a full-blown profession — it is also set up so that only the exceptions can succeed in this role. It's far from being the rule, so much like in the arts, only a select few are able to monetize effectively. Although, the one thing that has managed to change is who has access to this content: everyone, rather than only the elite with the money to buy their way in.

Different movements and platforms have been working to dismantle this system to build a new Creator Economy, one that makes content creation more rewarding and equitable for the creators themselves, like Patreon or even OnlyFans.

Among these, though, there are a few much larger movements, two of which are deeply intertwined: Web3 and the Metaverse.

Web3 seeks to return ownership to creators, rather than handing it to the platforms they create and publish on, build in financial rails, and offer fractional ownership and new creator<>fan relationships.

The Metaverse builds on this, often envisioned as based on the same underlying technology — blockchain — but more immersive. The Metaverse adds 3D elements and entire virtual worlds to interact and build in.

But, as two nascent spaces, largely reliant on complex technology, this can be daunting for creators who don't have the technical background. But, all the same, while the tech and the promise of a SciFi future has a certain allure, it's the experiences and unique creations that will actually bring and keep people in the Metaverse.

So, luckily for us all, a slew of projects have arisen in the past few years that offer no code solutions, so that creators who've never even signed up for that free online javascript bootcamp can start building and charting new territory in the Metaverse.


Avatars are essential as your entry point to most metaverse platforms. There are a number of different providers that will allow you to create avatars to enter the Metaverse, although, it should be noted that many of the world and game building platforms will have their own avatar creating tools.

And, while avatars themselves might not offer clear paths to monetization in the Creator Economy, there are several ways they can be employed to help you on a path to this.

Sensorium Galaxy

With a focus on high quality graphics, Sensorium stands out in the crowd. While world building isn't open to the public, they do offer AI-generated avatar creation. So, if you've ever wanted to give your TikTok dances a high tech twist or visit an immersive NFT exhibition, Sensorium Galaxy might be for you.

  • Tool: free with paid upgrades

Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me allows you to build an avatar from scratch or a selfie. The difference here? They specialize in cross-platform interoperability, so you can take your look into a number of different platforms. Why does this matter? Maybe you want to be recognized by the same people no matter where you are in the Metaverse, to build up a singular creative identity and use the reputation and momentum you've built across platforms.

  • Tool: free

3D Modeling

3D elements are complex to create, but trust me, once you drop the Metaverse keyword — immersive — this is what people expect.

Not everyone needs to be a Blender pro, though, with more projects building 3D modeling solutions.


A no code tool for creators who want 3D animations. Anyone who's looked into 3D motion graphics creation knows that this is a specialized skill set. Kinetix removes those barriers, allowing creators to upload videos that are then auto converted into 3D animations, edit directly from the platform, and choose from some premade templates. And, all of these creations are compatible across a wide range of metaverse and 3D rendered platforms!

  • Tool: free


This one might not be for the faint of heart, demanding a few more steps. But, Dust3D is an cross-platform, open source tool that allows for the creation of 3D models. So, if you need something to help fill out your virtual worlds or more ingame assets, this can help you bring them to life with full text and 3D volume.

  • Tool: free

Games & Virtual Worlds

The biggest of all, games and entire virtual worlds, might require a time commitment. But, all of this can be used to create an environment like none other — real or digital — to invite others into.

While some of these platforms allow you to charge for access to the game, other enable other monetization options, like exhibitions and stores to sell NFTs, asset creation for use within the virtual space, or, if you're creative enough, other opportunities.

Roblox Studio

Roblox is a popular metaverse platform with a Studio that allows users to create their own worlds and games. Simple games can be created entirely without coding knowledge, although, Roblox Studio is designed for devs as well, so might be a bit daunting at times. On top of creating games, which entry can be charged for (or not), you can also create assets and avatar clothes, all of which can be monetized, although there are both upload and selling fees.

  • Tool: free
  • Fees: upload fee + 30-70% sale fee


Ever wanted to meet people in 3D…but online? That was Spatial's initial goal, working on better XR, specifically geared towards work. They've since expanded, adding more access points, like web browsers and even mobile, and NFTs. So, if you want to hold an NFT exhibition that has a bigger impact, you can head to spatial, start crafting your environment, and then invite your guests through whichever entry point they have.

  • Tool: free + premium options

The Sandbox Game Maker

This tool is free and allows you to create interactive 3D games in The Sandbox with a visual editor…no code required. The caveat here is that while the tool itself is free, finding a plot of land to build on will cost you.

  • Tool: free
  • Land: starting at 0.94 ETH
  • Fees: none for creators

ZEPETO Studios

A popular South Korean 3D chat app, ZEPETO allows users to create avatars, meet others, and play games. You can create an entire world, but if you've ever wanted to get into fashion design, but have been turned off by the difficulties and cost of production…or even the limitations of IRL materials, then ZEPETO Studios might be for you! Their user base tends to be more interested in digital wearables than many others on this list, and their Studio has a large focus on digital wearable. Not only can users create and sell fashion for avatars, with payment options built in for creators to cashout the in-game currency into fiat. Just be aware that in order to list items, you'll have to be approved. But, they also have a verified creators program!

  • Tool: free + premium options

Somnium Space

An open source VR environment based on the blockchain, Somnium Space is a bit different. Not only can assets be created and monetized in Somnium Space, but they can be taken outside of the platform to anywhere on the Ethereum or Solana blockchains. They have SDKs for devs, but for those of us less technically inclined, there is a no code builder and the option to import assets created outside of the platform (given that they are on Ethereum or Solana).

  • Tool: free
  • Land: starting at 0.3 ETH
  • Fees: minting & 10% sale fee

The Metaverse is opening a world of opportunity for creators, and many of these are working to integrate a better Creator Economy baked in. While the tech stack is heavy in the Metaverse, it also needs more creatives to build the engaging and mind blowing opportunities that will bring more people into the Metaverse and keep them coming back.

And, for this, we have a number of no code tools, so that anyone can start building. This list is just a few of these tools, excluding some Metaverse mammoths (if any can be considered as such yet) for limited no code options or extremely high creator fees, like Meta Horizon. But, that being said, this is just a starting place for the toolkit of an emerging Metaverse creator and only gestures to the opportunities available in this space.

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