Web3 isn't centralized. And our knowledge shouldn't be either.

We work with a variety of experts in the space to crowdsource hands-on and highly specific knowledge.

Want to onboard new builders? Train new professionals for a Web3 neo-career? Or teach creators how to produce in Web3?

We'll help you turn your expertise into an engaging and clear course.

Together, we can help herald the next generation of Web3 professionals and builders into the space.

Become a Co-Builder

How can we build together?

We'll work with you to find your area of expertise and the right audience for your course. Then we'll provide:

Curriculum Building

We work with you to organize your knowledge and experience into a clear curriculum, tailored to your goals!

Feature Your Project

Grow your teams' reputation as noted mentors and showcase how your project works in practice through case studies.

Course Marketing

We run full marketing campaigns to reach the right students for your course, including paid, organic, and long-form.

Student Engagement

All of our courses include active participation, engaging community initiatives, and interplay with Web3 products.

Let's start building!

Our Co-Builders


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