How to Find Your Web3 Job

11/16/2022 11:32

Web3 is pulling in more world class talent – drawn either by working at the forefront of technology or rewriting how we engage online. In this industry, you’ll be working with like-minded individuals who not only believe in the future of blockchain technology, XR, IoT, AI, and machine learning, but are also working towards making these technologies a reality and adopted by the general public.

In some instances, you can find Web3 jobs on traditional job boards, like Indeed and LinkedIn. But, you can’t really filter these openings to only show Web3. So, if you’re looking to land your next job in Web3, but are feeling a bit lost, this post is for you! We’ll cover some of the best places to find Web3 jobs, but before we dive into that, there are some things to keep in mind when looking for a Web3 job.

First, unlearn the traditional concept of “work.” I cannot stress this enough, especially if you have significant experience in established Web2 companies. Web3 companies are not just tech-driven, they are all tech-native. Consequently, they are more in-tuned with the use of technology for greater collaborative efforts.

So, regardless of which Web3 company you’ll land in, you will discover greater flexibility in the work processes. Forget about fixed office hours or fixed locations, as you’ll probably be working with people across the globe. This leads me to my second point—shift your thinking to a global mindset.

Again, working in Web3 may mean working with people from different continents. You might be working more hours and, take note, in different time zones. But, that also means that you’ll be free to work from anywhere, not chained to a desk or long commutes to work.

Third, as you shift to a global mindset, do not undervalue yourself. Web3 is talent-centric. Therefore, be confident with what you have to offer to the company, and soon, you will find your spot in Web3 and it will be worth it.

So, what’s the hiring process like? Because your chances of getting hired largely depend on your talents, skills, and the value that you can bring to the table, hiring in Web3 can be more welcoming regardless of background. However, this is not a hard and fast rule.

Likewise, because plenty of Web3 companies are startups, expect informal but quick hiring processes. In some cases, you will be dealing directly with the founders. That’s because your line of communication is direct to the decision-makers of the company. You will also be surprised to know that, in some instances, the interview is done over a series of Twitter DMs or a Discord call. If this work culture and process excite you, then Web3 is the place to be.  

Are you ready to find your dream Web3 job? Make sure to check out these sites:

📌 Web3 Jobs

Web3 Jobs is the largest job board in the Web3 industry today, displaying over 27,000 jobs from 3,240 Web3 projects. As of November 2022, the top companies recruiting in Web3 Jobs are:

  1. Binance with 1157 jobs
  2. with 661 jobs
  3. Ripple with 592 jobs. 

And while devs remain the highest in demand for Web3 companies, non-tech jobs are slowly catching up. You can find everything from marketing to finance, operations, and customer service.

Don’t miss out on the added perk ofWeb3 Jobs: free courses and resources on Web3, such as developing smart contracts for Ethereum, creating NFT art with on-chain metadata, and so much more. Web3 Jobs also provides information on salaries (average, minimum, and maximum) for Web3 developers and non-tech roles. Because Web3 companies are more prone to hiring from global talent pools, access to salary information is vital to making sure you negotiate a fair salary!

📌 CryptoJobsList

CryptoJobsList claims to be the web’s biggest list of cryptocurrency, Web3, and blockchain jobs. As of November 2022, there are over 3,100 open jobs on CryptoJobsList, ranging from dev to non-tech roles. You can also create a Talent Profile so recruiting Web3 companies can find you…instead of the other way around. This service is 100% free and easy to set up. You can even set up your Talent Profile to stay anonymous (if you like).

📌 Remote3

The majority of the jobs on Remote3 are developer roles, with a few non-tech roles. Similar to Web3 Jobs, Remote3 also offers Web3 resources with courses on creating an NFT minting website (dApp) and understanding and contributing to DAOs. They also keep an updated list of Web3 Hackathons. So, if you’re a developer and keen on finding opportunities to join events like these, then Remote3 is an excellent resource.

While Web3 Jobs, CyrptoJobsList, and Remote3 provide an exhaustive list of current Web3 job openings, there are plenty of other Web3 job opportunities found in certain communities, rather than a traditional job board.

📌 Pallet

Established in 2020, Pallet enables communities and industry leaders to build their own native recruiting products and run a job board pallet to help their audiences land their dream jobs. For Web3 jobs, we recommend joining communities like Gaby’s Web3 Job Board, Surge Web3, Women of Web3, and other communities with similar interests. All you have to do is sign up with Pallet and join the collective to discover a curated list of job opportunities. You’ll also be given a profile that will show up to recruiters (anon possible) and allow them to approach you.

📌 Twitter

While Twitter is still, in essence, Web2, it plays a crucial role in disseminating information about Web3. If you are looking for a Web3 job, it helps if you follow the official Twitter accounts of your favorite Web3 startups, including the founders and key people within the company. The job boards mentioned earlier also have active Twitter accounts that you can follow, but you can also find accounts like @metaintro. The latest job openings are often featured on Twitter first. So, if you want to stand out as a first applicant, head over to Twitter to stay in the know.

📌 Discord

Lastly, there are Discord communities. Take time to invest in your favorite Web3 projects by joining their Discord servers. You never know when an opportunity comes up. If you participate in these communities, there’s a greater likelihood you’ll find your next Web3 job on these servers!

So, there you go. These are just some of the sites and communities where you can find a Web3 job. Make sure to check them out.

Happy Web3 job hunting!

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