Staying Up-to-Date in Web3 & Top Twitter Accounts

10/27/2022 11:43

Web3 is a seemingly never-ending onslaught of innovation. It's all too easy to fall behind, but in an industry as new and fast-paced as this, to fall behind is to be relegated to near obsolescence. This industry can be a tad brutal at times in that regard, although it is also tremendously open and collaborative in other spaces. But, to stay relevant, you have to keep up!

The good news is we're here to help. And, to start, there is one tool that is famous in Web3 for helping to fight the struggle to stay on top of the changes, slang, really everything happening…ironically a Web2 platform: Twitter.

Twitter is the hub of conversation, public ideation, news, and debate. While there probably isn't a single definitive answer for why this platform earned the spot as the top Web3 channel, it could be because it moves nearly as fast as the space.

And, unfortunately for those uninitiated by years of a curated crypto feed, this means it can be overwhelming to dive into.

Don't worry, though, we'll walk through a brief lay of the land and give some pointers for accounts to start out with. Who knows? Maybe even some crypto Twitter veterans might find a few useful pointers.

Curating your Feed

Trust me, doing a bit of leg work at the beginning is going to make your life so much easier. If you can get the basis for a well-rounded Web3 feed, it will:

  1. Make it a lot easier to stay up-to-date. Wake up and open Twitter, pause for lunch and open Twitter, or get in bed at the end of a long day, and open Twitter…just like the rest of us obsessed fiends.
  2. Help you find your niche. Do you find that you pay a lot more attention to the DeFi accounts? Are you always drawn to the shiny, new NFTs? Twitter will often start recommending more accounts to follow, so you can really get immersed in that space!
  3. Learn by osmosis. I know, Twitter is not necessarily the gold standard for information. But, being surrounded by the slang, updates, varied opinions, and more will give you a pretty good view of the space.*

*While Twitter is great to stay up-to-date with the fastest changes, we definitely do recommend supplementing it with a good diet of articles, deeper dives, and, of course, fact-checking. This is Web3 after all, DYOR.

Types of Twitter Accounts

There are nearly endless accounts on Twitter. If you're counting, it's actually about 330 million active accounts each month. So, yes, a lot.

That means that finding the right people to follow will help you get a clear picture and lay of the land. For Web3, these accounts can be broken down into some very broad categories, and of course some accounts to get you started!

General Web3 Content & News


DeFi Natives



NFT Influencers



Obviously, these categories get reductive, but it's good to give yourself a bit of structure as you set up your account. And, these lists far from exhaustive.

Primarily, though, it's good to make sure you're following a variety of content, so that you can actually figure out what you gel with.

Down to Work

Now's the fun part. Building out the curated feed you deserve.

So, what do you need to actually curate your account?

  1. Follow a few accounts from each category. When you see these accounts engaging with others, it's worth investigating and following. These networks are what make social media so useful, and can lead you down a trail of quality content.
  2. Use the search bar. Use hashtags and cashtags from projects that interest you. There's typically a lot more spam when you go down this route, but you find the occasional gem, typically at the "Top" or under "New" posts.
  3. Follow what they follow. When you really like an account, do a little deep dive. Regardless of whether it's a bigger or smaller account, chances are, if they're creating content you like, they're probably also consuming content you would like.

Of course, once you start getting a balanced diet of each of these, you might start to see accounts that have cross-over interests with something that is not pure Web3….so say, fashion and NFTs, or financial inclusion and blockchain. This is where you can really start to find your niche in the market….and even more reasons to stick around and contribute!

Welcome to Web3…again!

You might already be in the Web3 space. But, there's really nothing like being adequately inundated with content to herald you into the space. I think of it almost as a baptism, but with content, not water.

Once your sure that you're on top of the changes and discussions that go on constantly, you can actually start to dive in on a deeper level, by, for instance, starting to create your own content, jumping into a few communities or joining a DAO ready to engage in informed discussions…or even looking for your own places to start building!

Have any experiences to share or want to learn more? Join our Discord to talk now, or contribute directly to the Third Academy Library by applying to be a contributor below!

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