Web3 Community Management 101

Master Web3 community management! Learn engagement, leadership, data strategies, and thrive in decentralized spaces. Enroll now!

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Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of Web3 and master the art of community management? Look no further! Our comprehensive Web3 Community Management 101 Course is designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving landscape of decentralized communities.


Unless you're living under a rock,  we are confident you have heard about the Importance of Community in Web3; however, Understanding how to manage a community in a decentralized environment is crucial in the rapidly growing world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.
Additionally, owning a community and deepening knowledge of working it can lead to building a great network of like-minded individuals and expanding opportunities. The Community Management 101 Course provides easy-to-understand course content and offers the chance to meet other community builders and professionals in the field. Plus, the NFT certification adds value to your professional portfolio. Unlock the power of community in the Web3 universe as you explore various community models and engagement strategies. From understanding different community types to effectively leading and nurturing a vibrant community, this course has it all.
Learn the secrets to successful onboarding, goal setting, and recruiting dedicated community contributors.

Who is this Course For?

This Course is for you, if you're  interested in building a Career in Community Management, you're a Community Manager who want to transition from Web2 to Web3, or you  own a Community and just want to deepened your knowledge on how to Manage the community! The Course Content is easy to understand and Implement by anyone.  You'll get the chance to meet with other Community builders and build a great network for yourself.

What you'll learn

Week 1

• Introduction to Community Management
• Roles of a Community Manager
• Types of Communities
• Challenges
• Average Salaries of Community Managers
• Pros and Cons of becoming a Web3 Community Manager

Week 2

• Setting Community goals & Objectives
• Defining your target audience
• Creating a Community Identity
• How to Build Community Guidelines
• Onboarding
• Promoting Diversity and inclusivity

Week 3

• Community Engagement
• Why Community Engagement is Important
• How to engage your Web3 Community
• Challenges
• Best Practices for Community Engagement

Week 4

• Community Leadership and Conflict resolution
• Dealing with Conflict in your community
• Building Relationship as a Community Leader
• Community Incentives: Intrinsic Vs Extrinsic

Week 5

• Understanding Community Data
• Measuring Community Initiatives
• Using Data to improve Community Initiatives
• Best Discord bot for Analytics
• Best Practices

What do you get?

• 5 Weeks of Lessons

• Weekly lesson + Q&A sessions live on the Metaverse Campus

• Access to live help on Discord

• NFT certification


This course is completely FREE

Learn from best in business!

Want to know what actually happens day-to-day in Web3? Find out from the experts building the space! and interface with our mentors directly.

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What you'll learn:



• Expert Insights: Learn from seasoned professionals who have hands-on experience in Web3 community management.

• Interactive Learning: Engage with immersive lessons and real-world case studies.

• Practical Readiness: Acquire the confidence and skills to excel in your very first community role.

• Join the Web3 Revolution: Be part of the future by mastering the dynamics of decentralized communities.



• Community Engagement

• Community goals & Objectives

• Onboarding  

• Creating a Community Identity

• Community Leadership and Conflict resolution

• Using Data to improve Community Initiatives

• Best Discord bot for Analytics

• Promoting Diversity and inclusivity

• Best Practices


Christian Reza | Web3 Marketing 101

I've scraped the internet many times over for in-depth Web3 marketing knowledge, and Third Academy is, hands-down, the best.The learning AND experience I gained here was invaluable, and I feel confident to immediately begin working in Web3.

Ann Marie Almariei | Metaverse Foundations

The Third Academy Metaverse foundation course was a full on immersive a to z of the metaverse, what you need to know, best practices, resources, and great community. I learned of ton of helpful info that I can apply to my work with clients in the metaverse and will be referring back to all the amazing sessions moving forward. Thanks Third Academy!

Daniel Duece | Web3 Marketing 101

I loved the live classes in which we were able to learn and hear from experienced professionals in various fields. The Twitter activities let us learn more and put what we've learnt out there. Most importantly, the portfolio building activities let us apply our knowledge to real life situations & have the hands-on experience of how projects are marketed. A big thanks to Carlee for always showing up for us in times of needs and hosting the discord activities.

Juan Humberto Vivas Lovera | Metaverse Foundations

Third Academy is the best place to learn about Web3, NFT, Crypto and Metaverse. The material provided, the instructor, the specialist invited and the interactive lessons, help the students to dive deep on the new technologies and learn much more than they expected. Highly recommended!!

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