Katinka Harsányi
2/14/2023 16:38

Working in Web3: Emmanuel Aremu, Growth Marketing Manager at Phi Labs

People that work in this nascent industry came across Web3 in different ways.

Emmanuel Aremu is Growth Marketing Manager at Phi Labs, but his experience spans between technology, media and education. 

The desire to contribute to the growth of this space and his educational journey in Web3 led him to his first role at Porta. But, his ability to transfer his previous skills and his background in Digital Marketing allowed him to continue his career in the industry, eventually joining Phi Labs.

Emmanuel talks about his growth marketing career, how he was able to apply his Web2 experience in this industry, and the importance of understanding who is in your community and why they are there. 

Find out more about what it take to get started in this space…and some insights into the underlying ethos.


👉 https://www.linkedin.com/in/emmanuelaremu/

👉 https://twitter.com/earemu 

Katinka Harsányi

Former founder, experienced sales, BD & ops lead. Katinka is currently a GTM advisor to community-driven startups focused on the future of education. Most recently, she led the development of partnerships and network for Third Academy and On Deck. She also have a decade of experience in commercial leadership roles that spanned her own conversational AI start-up (Persuadr), big tech (Microsoft), a growth-stage startup (Cytora), and Venture Studio (Counterfactual). Katinka's interest in transformative tech was cemented at university, where she focused on the security and policy implications of the information society. In her spare time, she's a gamer and excited to see how AI/VR/AR will reshape the way that we play!