Katinka Harsányi
10/28/2022 14:32

Metaverse Products: Brand Building in Physical, Digital and Hybrid Spaces

Web3 Marketer & Growth Hacker, Tom Sargent paints a picture of the Metaverse of the future, breaking down how brands can engage in this space.

He explores some of the different industries doing the Metaverse well, others that have some reservations, and some strategies to reduce risk.


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Katinka Harsányi

Former founder, experienced sales, BD & ops lead. Katinka is currently a GTM advisor to community-driven startups focused on the future of education. Most recently, she led the development of partnerships and network for Third Academy and On Deck. She also have a decade of experience in commercial leadership roles that spanned her own conversational AI start-up (Persuadr), big tech (Microsoft), a growth-stage startup (Cytora), and Venture Studio (Counterfactual). Katinka's interest in transformative tech was cemented at university, where she focused on the security and policy implications of the information society. In her spare time, she's a gamer and excited to see how AI/VR/AR will reshape the way that we play!