Metaverse Foundations

Get ready to bring your brand to the Metaverse!


Learn how to apply digital spaces and hybrid experiences to your own company to elevate your user experience and prepare your company to be a market leader in the next generation of digital development!


By now you’ve probably heard about the Metaverse. Some say it’s going to be as significant of a technology as the Internet. In this course, we’ll explore how the development of virtual spaces could help creators and companies. Brands across various sectors can use these new spaces to develop a new generation of digital products and hybrid experiences. You’ll learn the fundamentals of Metaverse architecture, principles of community engagement, and apply your learnings to various case studies. 

Who is this course for?

This class is for you if you want to understand how to build a Metaverse-native brand or transition your Web2 brand to the Metaverse with a native-level understanding…or if you just want to deepen your knowledge about this developing space!

You can expect a lively learning environment, a multidisciplinary group of professional peers, and plenty of real-world case studies.

What do you get?

  • 8 Weeks of Lessons
  • 2 Lessons per Week
  • Live Q&A's with Expert Mentors
  • Additional Workshops
  • Real-World Case Studies



Learn from best in business!

Want to know what actually happens day-to-day in Web3? Find out from the experts building the space! and interface with our mentors directly.

Don Allen Stevenson III

XR Creator | Consultant

Andrea Muttoni

Lead Developer Advocate at Flow

Mei Lui

Social Metaverse at Genies

Ida Kymmer

Director of Global Affairs at Journee

Melanie Goldsmith

Business Development & Creative Strategy at Parcel

Tara Annison

Head of Technical Crypto Advisory at Elliptic

Theo Priestley

CEO and Co-Founder of Metanomic

Tony Parisi

Chief Strategy Officer at Lamina1

Tom Sargent

Web3 Enthusiast | Growth Leader | Developer

Tracy Wong

Product Owner | Content Strategist at Zapeto & Founder of VOOR

Yassine Tahi

CEO of

What you'll learn:




  • Welcome to the Course
  • What is the Metaverse?
  • Metaverse Layers: Web3, AR/VR/ Blockchain, AI, Data Science
  • Metaverse Infrastructure: Centralized v Decentralized, Hardware v Software



  • Where: Where are the immersive virtual worlds and social spaces?
  • Metaverse Elements: Evolution of virtual identity and digital products
  • Who: Who are the builders and users?
  • What: What are the Direct-to-Avatar and phygital economics of virtual spaces?
  • Metaverse Community: Engagement and Management
  • Key Considerations: Building in and for the Metaverse



  • Metaverse Ethics: Staying Safe in Virtual Spaces
  • Future of the Metaverse: Trends & Research: What’s next?
  • Christian Reza | Web3 Marketing 101

    I've scraped the internet many times over for in-depth Web3 marketing knowledge, and Third Academy is, hands-down, the best.The learning AND experience I gained here was invaluable, and I feel confident to immediately begin working in Web3.

    Ann Marie Almariei | Metaverse Foundations

    The Third Academy Metaverse foundation course was a full on immersive a to z of the metaverse, what you need to know, best practices, resources, and great community. I learned of ton of helpful info that I can apply to my work with clients in the metaverse and will be referring back to all the amazing sessions moving forward. Thanks Third Academy!

    Daniel Duece | Web3 Marketing 101

    I loved the live classes in which we were able to learn and hear from experienced professionals in various fields. The Twitter activities let us learn more and put what we've learnt out there. Most importantly, the portfolio building activities let us apply our knowledge to real life situations & have the hands-on experience of how projects are marketed. A big thanks to Carlee for always showing up for us in times of needs and hosting the discord activities.

    Juan Humberto Vivas Lovera | Metaverse Foundations

    Third Academy is the best place to learn about Web3, NFT, Crypto and Metaverse. The material provided, the instructor, the specialist invited and the interactive lessons, help the students to dive deep on the new technologies and learn much more than they expected. Highly recommended!!

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