Intro to Web3 Marketing 101

Sharpen your Web2 digital marketing skills for Web3!


Want to learn how to apply your marketing skills to Web3? For free?

This course is for you! In six short lessons, you'll discover the tips and tricks to make your Web3 Marketing efforts a success. We will clarify the major differences between Web2 and Web3 marketing, introduce successful Web3 marketing strategies, and introduce the basics of blockchain organizations.


Web3 is maturing and needs a diverse array of skilled professionals to continue to grow – Third Academy is here to help.

Web3 Marketing 101 was created by Third Academy in partnership with Hype, a leading community management & blockchain marketing agency to provide an overview of marketing in the fast-paced Web3 landscape.

This self-paced course features 6 video lectures, weekly Discord audio sessions, and live access to industry leaders in AMA style sessions. It is designed to provide students with realtime knowledge, tips, and skills to enter the web3 workforce.

Beyond the course, students will retain access to all content and have a robust community of students and teachers to support their careers in web3!

Who Is this course for?

This course is for professionals with fundamental knowledge of — or expertise in — digital marketing, and are ready to learn how to apply those skills to Web3. It will give you the context and practical knowledge to quickly adapt for success in Web3.

What do you get?

  • 6 lessons on Web3 marketing fundamentals
  • access to live help on Discord
  • a group of up-and-coming Web3 marketers
  • additional case studies and templates on Discord!


This course is completely free and 100% accessible to you 24/7!

Learn from best in business!

Want to know what actually happens day-to-day in Web3? Find out from the experts building the space! and interface with our mentors directly.

Emily Lai

Head of Paid Marketing at Hype

Ramon Maceiras Castillo

Account Director at Hype

Ross Marakhonov

VP of Europe at Hype

What you'll learn:


Laying the Foundations

  • What is Web3 Marketing?
  • Key Channels & Audiences



  • Paid Marketing 101
  • Community Building


Bringing it Together

  • Token Launch Strategy & Partnerships
  • How to Build a Web3 Marketing Strategy


The Extras


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Christian Reza | Web3 Marketing 101

I've scraped the internet many times over for in-depth Web3 marketing knowledge, and Third Academy is, hands-down, the best.The learning AND experience I gained here was invaluable, and I feel confident to immediately begin working in Web3.

Ann Marie Almariei | Metaverse Foundations

The Third Academy Metaverse foundation course was a full on immersive a to z of the metaverse, what you need to know, best practices, resources, and great community. I learned of ton of helpful info that I can apply to my work with clients in the metaverse and will be referring back to all the amazing sessions moving forward. Thanks Third Academy!

Daniel Duece | Web3 Marketing 101

I loved the live classes in which we were able to learn and hear from experienced professionals in various fields. The Twitter activities let us learn more and put what we've learnt out there. Most importantly, the portfolio building activities let us apply our knowledge to real life situations & have the hands-on experience of how projects are marketed. A big thanks to Carlee for always showing up for us in times of needs and hosting the discord activities.

Juan Humberto Vivas Lovera | Metaverse Foundations

Third Academy is the best place to learn about Web3, NFT, Crypto and Metaverse. The material provided, the instructor, the specialist invited and the interactive lessons, help the students to dive deep on the new technologies and learn much more than they expected. Highly recommended!!

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