Metaverse Brands: Launching & Building

Mags Clarendon
8 days ago

Metaverse Brands: Launching & Building

The Metaverse is a new space. This means that building products, brands, and launching is often unclear.

On the bright side, this means almost endless opportunity if you're innovative enough. But, business is still something that should be grounded in as much hard data as you can find.

And, at this point, there have been enough products and launches to start pulling insights from and better position your brand. 

If you want to know where to start, check out this quick overview and learn more about our next course - METAVERSE FOUNDATIONS! Together with Enara Nazarova, a Top 30 Voice in the Metaverse, we have gathered all our knowledge into an 8-week course with the goal of supporting innovators like you successfully enter this space.  

What is the Metaverse?

Obviously, the first thing you need to do is understand what this space actually is. And, a peek at where it might be heading, so you're ready not only for the now, but even for the future. 

However, definitions of the Metaverse abound. For now, this nebulous space is defined both by its vision, as well as what it currently offers.

In general, there's not really a right or wrong answer to the question of what the Metaverse is. The only thing that's really been agreed upon so far is that it brings more immersive experiences to digital spaces, through XR and 3D modeling. But, this can also be heavily influenced by blockchain, to add complete digital economy, true digital ownership, and the type of scarcity that we experience in the real world to our digital spaces. 

Understanding the Tech

In large part, answering the question about what the Metaverse is relies on the tech. So, next, you'll need to dive deep into:

  • Web3
  • AR/VR/XR
  • Blockchain
  • AI
  • Data Science.

The Metaverse is not one solitary world, but an interconnected and interdependent ecosystem of hardware and software tools. Once you have a handle on this, you can dive into the infrastructure, looking at centralization vs. decentralization and deeper into how hardware and software have to come together to build integrated user experiences.

Where do you fit in the ecosystem?

While this space is still developing, during the pandemic its growth was massively accelerated, which means that you'll be entering an active ecosystem. 

For many of us, the first question should be what metaverse platform to build on, unless you are one of the rare cases looking to build and launch your own platform. But of course, you'll also need to look at what competitors are already active in your industry.

❓Are you a fashion brand? Well, there's a list of competitors you can look at, like Nike and Louis Vuitton. 

❓In the food industry? Have you seen what Wendy's and Chipotle are doing? 🧐

How does this serve your users?

This is perhaps the most important question. Of course, the Metaverse is cool. But, you need to consider if it's something that will actually serve your users. If not, then there might not be a clear fit for you in the market at this point.

But, there are also all sorts of opportunities to increase engagement and build stronger communities around your brand. Going back to some of the previously mentioned examples, you can see how Wendy's, a fast food brand, was able to engage with users to increase interest and brand awareness

They partnered with the game Fortnite for Food Fight mode, where users got to eradicate all of the frozen beef. This tied back to Wendy's famous motto of never frozen beef.

💥 But, the opportunities to draw in, activate, and reward users in the Metaverse are just starting to be explored.💥

All you need is a full picture of the possibilities of Direct-to-Avatar and phygital economics to start seeing where your brand can fit in this and what will actually appeal to and benefit your current and future users.

How can you launch?

This is of course the crux for most brands. A bad launch can set you back. And that’s why Third Academy has developed a 8 week course to guide and support entrepreneurs and creators in their Metaverse strategies! 

In our Metaverse Foundations course, we parse a host of different Metaverse activations to see what does and does not work in this space.

And, over the course, you are guided through building your own GTM strategy alongside a hand-picked group of professionals ready to lead the next wave of innovation.

We’ll mainly focus on 👇

🎯 Brand Building in the Metaverse 

🎯 Avatars & Products 

🎯 Infrastructure & Tools

🎯 Gamification 

🎯 Builders & Users 

🎯 Virtual Events 

🎯 Phygital Economies 

🎯 Communities

But much more will come out of this course! All thanks to multiple experts who will join classes for exclusive Q&As and the week of workshops designed for you to work side-by-side with your course fellows!

If you see new opportunities for your business in the Metaverse market but are not sure where to start to develop and launch your idea, join us! Applications are open and the course will start soon.

You can also learn more about this program on our website. And don't forget to follow us on our socials, we will be posting daily about our course Mentors and plans for this program.

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